This fabric, after it has served its purpose, can be put into a
recycling machine which is not expensive, heavy or big, and
a granule type of recycled resin is produced.

This reground or recycled resin can be used for injection
molding grade such as resin for plastic buckets, ashtrays
and various sorts of containers.
Recycling is possible as the base fabric and coating material
are homogeneous.
More important, this GREENTEX fabric does not emit any
dioxins even when it is burned.

The biggest disadvantage of any kind of polyolefin industrial
fabric is its crispy touch and rigid or stiff feel, compared to
pvc fabric.
GREENTEX, a polyolefin fiber based and polyolefin coated
fabric, is revolutionarily soft.
Its softness is comparable to that of pvc and thus accepted
as professional and high quality industrial fabric.